Partners with cause-driven nonprofits.
Transforming lives together.

The SC Group will help craft a strategic plan that will move from analysis to action to results. We customize proven strategies to each partner we engage with to meet their unique needs. Using a collaborative process that utilizes internal and external factors, we will work together to build strategic pathways that are realistic and flexible to helping you achieve your vision and mission and deliver the highest impact

Organizational Development

Board and Committee Governance

Fund Development

Executive Transitions and Coaching

Program Impact

Strategic Planning

The SC Group understands how organizations will go through different stages in their lifecycle, similar to any person.  We can partner with your staff and board to develop and conduct a customized assessment to clarify and build consensus about strengths and areas of vulnerability, followed by a process to develop a realistic, appropriate plan and guide for organizational improvements, increasing effectiveness and efficiencies.

Program development and measuring the true impact of programs are the heartbeat of an organizations mission. Boards, foundations, communities, partners and funders are all more sophisticated in their assessment of program needs and outcome measurements. We can work with your organization to customized an evaluation process to illustrate value and impact, for the purposes of informing program design and future development as well as to effectively share information about your impact to your stakeholders.

For any cause-driven organization, its most critical resources are the people who govern, lead and support the organization in the achievement of its mission. We can help lead ongoing board recruitment, development and training of your volunteers. We will work with your leadership to tailor a comprehensive board development plan focusing on proven best practices that can leverage and build effectiveness and cohesiveness for your governance.

Today's philanthropic environment has grown more competitive and more sophisticated in their giving. We can partner with your organization to build a comprehensive fund development matrix of individual giving, foundation support and special event fund raising. Using proven best practices in fund raising, we can work with your staff and board to train them in the most effective methods to increase donor support for your mission.

Cause-driven nonprofits can leverage executive transitions into opportunities to become stronger, more vibrant and of greater service to their mission. We can partner with your board during transition to help facilitate this critical turning point with executive search, transition management, organizational sustainability, on-boarding and executive coaching.